Finsa 95S Roble Humo

Finsa 95S Roble Humo Edge Banding

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Finsa 95S Roble Humo PVC Edge Banding - Finsa roble humo matching edge banding - Finsa edge banding color match

Elevate your projects with our top-tier edgeband, perfectly matched with Finsa laminate decorative panel. At LEDGEBAND, we specialize in providing the finest ABS and PVC edge banding solutions, including options like Iron On Edgebanding, Wood Veneer Edgebanding, Acrylic Edge Banding, and Metallic Edgebanding, ensuring your creations stand out with a professional finish.

Finsa 95S Roble Humo

Perfect Match with Finsa Laminate: Our PVC Edge Banding Tape is designed to complement Finsa 95S Roble Humo  laminate edge panel flawlessly, offering a seamless and sophisticated look for your projects. This matching color PVC edge band ensures a perfect blend with your design.

Extensive Variety for Every Need:
Whether you're working on furniture, Kitchen cabinets, custom Closet, or commercial projects, our extensive inventory includes thousands of Edge Banding Match thicknesses from 0.45mm to 1mm, and 7/8" to 1.5/8" width. This includes a wide range of finishes (High-Gloss, Super Matte, Woodgrain, Pearl Essence).


Laboratories: Finsa pvc edge banding is resistant to chemicals and solvents, making it ideal for laboratory furniture where exposure to various substances is common. Its impermeable nature also helps prevent moisture absorption, which is crucial in maintaining hygiene standards.

Kitchens and bathrooms: The water-resistant properties of PVC edge banding make it an excellent choice for these moisture-prone environments. It can withstand frequent cleaning and exposure to water, ensuring longevity and maintaining appearance.

Commercial and community facilities: PVC edge banding offers excellent durability and scratch resistance, making it suitable for high-traffic areas in commercial settings. 

Children's furniture: The flexibility and durability of PVC edge banding make it a safe choice for children's furniture. It can withstand impacts and rough use while providing smooth, rounded edges that reduce the risk of injury.

Curved furniture: Due to its flexibility, PVC edge banding can be easily applied to curved furniture shapes, making it ideal for more complex designs

Durability and Resistance: Crafted to withstand the test of time, our PVC Wood tape is not only moisture-resistant, preventing warping or swelling in humid conditions, but also UV-resistant. This ensures your projects retain their color and integrity even under sunlight exposure.

Comprehensive Edge Banding Solutions: LEDGEBAND is your one-stop source for all edge banding needs . We provide banding matches for major brands like Formica, Egger, TafisaWilsonartULTRAPANUniboard, Funder, Auraco, Panolam, Senosan, Gizir, 3B S.P.A, Angelus, CAMSAN ENTEGRE (PANELIA), CLEAF, FINSA, FLAKEBOARD, LAMINATI-USA, MERINO, MOREMATT-PURICELLI, ONESKIN, ROSEBURG, SALT INTERNATIONAL, SONAE ARAUCO and many more.

Wood Veneer Edgebanding Selection:

Our collection has over 40 types of wood veneer edgebanding. Options include veneer edging tape  with or without Pre-glued Backing, master rolls up to 2 inches in width and 500FT, including Cherry Wood Veneer, Afromosia, Alder, Anigre, Figure, and Bamboo Caramel

Rapid Shipping and Growing Inventory: Need it fast? We offer same-day shipping! Our inventory is constantly expanding, and we're always ready to assist you in finding the perfect match for your laminate. If you can't find what you're looking for, reach out to us at (754)-367-6838 or via email.

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