Iron On Edge banding

Iron-On Veneer edge banding available in both pre-finished and non-finished options, offers a convenient, each banding roll comes peel & stick pre-glued backing, ready to be applied to all your plywood edges. Achieve a professional finish by simply placing your iron on the top of wood edgebanding, which activates the melt-in-place adhesive. Our inventory has a vast range of popular wood species, all crafted from authentic wood veneer, seamlessly pieced together to form a continuous, high-quality roll.

The ease of our iron-on banding, requiring no extra adhesive, allows for a simple iron-press activation that creates a lasting, robust bond. LEDGEBAND's selection extends to unglued edge banding as well, catering to those who prefer custom adhesive applications.

Can't find the exact iron-on veneer edging size for your project, we offer special orders for custom width, and thickness, size range from 0.5mm to 2mm and width 5/8" to 2".