What is Wood veneer edge banding

What is Wood veneer edge banding

veneer edge banding  is a thin strip of real wood that is used to cover the exposed edges of plywood and other materials, giving them a solid wood appearance. It is typically bonded to the sides of the panels to provide a seamless and aesthetically pleasing finish. wood veneer tape  comes in various species, each species available in variety of  widths, thicknesses and types tailored to your specific project. 

The Difference Between Non-Finished and Pre-Finished Veneer Wood Edge Band.

Wood veneer edge banding can be purchase  in both pre-finished and non-finished forms.

Pre-finished veneer edge banding: Pre-finished wood veneer edge banding comes with a durable and stain-resistant finish, such as semi-gloss polyurethane coating, making it ready for easy application without the need for additional finishing. On the other hand,

Non-finished veneer edge banding: Non-finished comes without any stain or topcoat, allowing you to customize the finish to perfectly match your project.

both  type allows backing customization for convenient application such as pre-applied glued veneer edging or self-adhesive backing known as  Peel-and-stick edge banding.

Application Types of Veneer Edge Banding

Pre-glued Edge Bandingcome with a factory pre-applied heat-activated adhesive on the back that simplifies the application process, allowing for easy application by using a household iron or a specialized edge banding machine. The pre-glued edge banding is available in various widths and lengths, making it suitable for different panel sizes.

Peel and Stick wood veneer edgebanding: is a type of edge banding that comes a high-performance, ultra-bond pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is designed to provide a fast, easy, and strong bond, with the adhesive's strength increasing over time. DIY friendly, Unlike traditional edge banding, which requires heat or glue for application, peel and stick edge banding comes with a pre-applied adhesive. Simply remove the backing and press firmly into place. 

LEDGEBAND offers unmatched quality wood veneer edge banding with a wide variety, including both classic and exotic species. Our offerings include pre-finished, pre-glued, and peel-and-stick options for easy application.

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