How To Select The Right  Edge Banding Supplier

How To Select The Right Edge Banding Supplier

Edge Banding Supplier Why Does It Matter?

In the world of woodworking aesthetics, edge banding is all that separates the exposed frame of your product from the prying eyes of customers. A few strips of this stuff can transform your plywood or MDF cabinet from an amateur weekend job to a professional piece of art that looks like modern European furniture.  But how do you get the right edge banding for your business?

Construction, thickness, color matching, and affordability are all worth considering. Workability is also a concern for shop owners, because you want the edge banding to stick easily and reliably, no matter the type of sheet material you’re using. Finally, you need an edge banding distributor who understands your needs and stocks a wide range of products that are compatible with panels from all leading brands, both domestic and foreign.

Who We Are

Your one-stop solution for edge banding, LEDGEBRAND specializes in ABS and PVC edgebands, perfectly matched to popular laminate brands like ULTRAPAN, Uniboard, Wilsonart, and Roseburg, Tafisa, Panolam, Funder, Formica, Egger, Finsa, AGT, Kronospan, Salt international and many more. With each color available various sizes and thicknesses.

For those seeking the elegance of wood, We also provide wood veneer edgebanding tape for those who want a classic, luxurious look on their cabinets and shelves. Want a glossy metallic finish? We’ve got those too, everything from silver to titanium in varying widths and thicknesses.

Our Wide Range Of Products

LEDGEBRAND’s collection has over 30 types of veneer edge banding, with master rolls up to 7 feet wide and 2 inches thick, available pre-finished, and pre-glued for easy application. you will find many exotic options such as Chocolate Apple, White Nordic Wood, Platinum Grange Oak, Silver Liberty Elm, Wallowa Pine, Mahogany Wood, Maple Wood, and more, come pre-finish all our wood tape made from real wood.

How To Select The Right Edge Banding For Your Needs

The perfect edge band for you will depend on what you’re making, and how it will be used. For decorative furniture and cabinet edges, a 0.5 to 1mm edgebanding will work just fine for most residential projects. 1mm and up to commercial high-traffic areas.

What Makes LEDGEBAND Stand Out From The Rest?

LEDGEBAND isn’t just a premium edge banding supplier, but an A-to-Z solution for your woodworking needs. We’ve got laminate sheets, polymer boards, and everything else you need to bring a home interior into the 21st century. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible products at the best possible price. With our diverse collection of colors, materials, and sizes, with the shortest lead time.

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